Articles by Steven Thompson

Who Do You Want to Be

Suffering From Multiple Career Disorder? My business partner with another company called me the other day and asked a very simple question “who do you want to BE when you grow up?” I laughed and asked him “was I grown yet?” He needed the answer to that question because I…

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How Often Do You Get Car Sick?

According to contributing medical author for Medicine Net, Dr. Melissa Stoppler states many people suffer from motion sickness. It can be experienced more readily in children ages 2-12, pregnant women, and people prone to migraines. Of the three most susceptible categories, I don’t fall into any of them. Usually I…

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Don’t Touch Me!

As I listened to the words come out of the lady’s mouth I had to grin on the inside to stop myself from telling the old woman to get to her destination without me. Wait – allow me to go back to the beginning. I am in my truck with…

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