Lock Picking and Subtle Mechanics

16 training hours (2 days)

Patrol officers, investigators, probation and parole officers, narcotic officers, and tactical teams are often faced with the task of entering a building to serve search and arrest warrants (including “sneak and peek” warrants) to carry out hostage rescues, or to conduct welfare checks on elderly persons or the reported victims of violence. Military special operations personnel must often quietly enter structures prior to, or during the execution of mission objectives to secure personnel in hostile environments or to establish surveillance. This course will introduce students to basic lock picking skills, as well as a variety of other options for entry beyond the conventional forced entry. In addition, important intelligence gathering and pre-planning issues will be discussed that will facilitate a safe approach, entry, and mission conclusion. Each student will receive a syllabus which highlights the information presented in the training. All tools and equipment needed for the course will be provided. Students will have the opportunity to pick over 100 training locks during the class which represent a cross section of the type of locks commonly encountered in the field. This intense 2-day course also covers: ethics issues surrounding keyless entries, intelligence gathering and mission planning, lock operation and familiarization, introduction to lock picking, introduction to subtle mechanical breaching techniques which are invaluable in the event a lock cannot be picked, practical, and hands-on experience picking a variety of locks (100+) including knobs, dead bolts, padlocks, and specialty locks.


Restricted to full time local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and active duty military personnel.


Subjects include:

  • Ethics issues surrounding keyless entries
  • Intelligence gathering and mission planning
  • Lock operation and familiarization
  • Introduction to lock picking
  • Intro to subtle mechanical breaching techniques in the event a lock can’t be picked
  • Practical, hands-on experience picking a variety of locks (100+) including knobs, dead bolts, padlocks, and specialty locks