T & E

National Security Associates’ range complex is the ideal location for explosive event and weapon testing for manufactures and contractors alike. We have an independent and secure site that allows discreet weapon testing of proprietary equipment. Located adjacent to Fort Benning and the Infantry and Armor centers our facility allows quick access for invited visitors to visit tests. Interested in giving a full demonstration of your system during the Infantry War Fighter’s Conference? We are less than a 30 minute ride from the Columbus Trade Center.

  Previous tests include:

  • Explosive event testing
  • Ballistic acoustic testing
  • Surface to surface missile testing
  • Breaching munitions and charge demonstrations
  • Weapon testing for weapons chambered 5.56 NATO to 25mm

Range Complex Capabilities:

  • 4 Ballistic Weapons Ranges of increasing distancing up to 1000 meters (bold indicates link to range page)
  • 700 acres of woodland maneuver area
  • Tactical driving course for testing man and unmanned tracked and wheeled vehicles
  • MOUT Village with multi story buildings and ranges in the village
  • Open air blast range rated for a 100 lbs NEW above ground explosion
  • Specialized robotics test area
  • Shoot house with breach-able exterior and interior doors for mechanical method or breaching charge testing
  • Weibel SL-520p radar for test instrumentation or to ensure safety during munitions testing
  • Explosive storage