Training Courses

NSA provides Law Enforcement, Government and Military courses for tactical professionals in real-world facilities to support training missions and readiness. Turn-key, deployment-ready preparation and detail specific follow-through is guaranteed with all NSA training.

NSA Law Enforcement training classes are all GA POST certified. GA public safety officers will receive GA POST credit hours.

Please contact NSA with any questions regarding course modifications or customized training. Our standard courses can be modified to address your specific training needs for operational requirements for terrain, structures or climatic conditions. We invite military personnel to contact NSA for a summary of extensive training not listed on this web site (subject to verification).

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 Law Enforcement Courses

             Active Shooter                       Basic SWAT                       Methods of Entry                       Patrol Division Basic Tactics

Military Courses

         Advanced Pistol Marksmanship                  Lock Picking and Subtle Mechanics                  Tactical Rifle Marksmanship